Sup everyone.  I just got word from Rusty Moore that he finished Visual Impact Cardio course and if you know anything about Rusty it is good.

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He mentioned that this program took such a long time because this is the deepest he has ever gone with one of his programs.

Will Following the Latest Scientifically Based Workout Guide to Metabolism Honestly Help You Lose Body Fat?  Or is This Simply Another Clever Ploy to Make You Part with Your Cash…

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Let’s face it, if you’re reading this then you’re pretty serious about ditching some body fat.  And whether it’s a large amount or those last few pesky pounds, when you see a program that professes to be a “trailblazer” in fitness and fat loss, then it’s gonna get your attention, right?

Well it certainly got ours!  So read on as we dish the dirt on Rusty Moore’s cutting edge fat loss program.  We reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so you can make an informed decision on your own future training techniques.

What do you get for your money?

Visual Impact Cardio doesn’t belittle the training methods of old, as so many programs do today.  Instead, rather than dismissing old science, it combines both older proven methods with today’s understanding, providing what seems to be a rather unique (and refreshing) combination of both tried and tested fat loss techniques and the most up to date knowledge from some of the most experienced names in fitness.

The course includes detailed information about the following:

  • The Importance of Insulin – and how even the slightest bit of it in your system during your workout will drastically reduce how much fat is burned up for energy.  Did you know that those last clinging inches of body fat are not only more sensitive to insulin and less sensitive to adrenaline, but also have less blood flow than other body fat?
  • Why Dieting Alone Rarely has an Impact on Stubborn Body Fat.
  • Keeping Training Sessions Separate – and why cardio for fat loss should be kept separate from the resistance portion of your workout.
  • Interval Training Versus Steady State Cardio – This has been one of the biggest changes to the fitness industry in recent years, with everyone claiming that brief interval training is the key to fat loss.  Visual Impact Cardio blows the lid on the flaws in this research – and it tells you exactly why this is so.
  • Cardio Machine Training – and how you need the precision these offer to reach those fat loss goals in a short a time as possible.
  • Weekly Calorie Deficits – and why it’s this, and not daily calorie intake, that’ll allow you to drop the pounds (and take on board higher calorie meals on a regular basis).

All of this, and more, is contained in the 99 page Visual Impact Cardio workbook.  You get three complete, 8-week workout cycles it shows, along with a printable workout journal designed to take to the gym to give you all the information you need for the most effective fat loss workout ever.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re currently a couch potato who’s just thinking about getting off your butt and losing some weight, or already a committed fitness fanatic, Visual Impact Cardio is a program that advances as you do.  Because the workouts are designed to increase intensity as the weeks go by, it doesn’t matter what stage of the fitness journey you’re at right now.  And it’s just as effective for the boys as it is for the girls.

In fact, for anyone who feels like they’re fighting a losing battle against those last stubborn inches that simply don’t want to budge, this is the baby that’s gonna kick them into touch.

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Who is Rusty Moore?

Rusty is no stranger to the world of fitness and the science behind the practice.  He’s spent the past 25 years working hard to get his own body to the pretty awesome stage it is right now.  And a few years ago he decided to put his incredible knowledge towards helping others do the same.  A respected author on all things fitness, his fitness blog has over 3 million annual visitors, all taking part in his online community that helps people like you and I get the lean “Hollywood Look.”

The Pros

  • Visual Impact Cardio is all about maximizing the calories burned during a workout, without having to overtrain.  It combines the best of steady cardio with intense interval training, along with a small weekly calorie deficit, to literally melt those stubborn areas of fat.
  • The program refers to fat loss as a “skill.”  This is a very apt way of describing the means to understand the optimum method of losing that unwanted lard.  A detailed understanding of what it is that you’re forcing your body to do is a powerful incentive to sticking to the plan and attaining those much desired goals.
  • The program has cleverly managed to minimize those frustrating sticking points that occur with many workout regimes.  You know – when you just seem to be working harder and harder but not getting anywhere at all.  Information such as why there’s a ceiling to how many calories you can lose during interval training, and why the addition of strategic cardio can see you accelerating towards your fitness goals.
  • The program doesn’t require you to spend hours at the gym, but neither does it kid you that you can reach your targets simply by three 20 minute sessions a week.  It’s honesty all the way with Visual Impact Cardio (and how refreshing is that!)

The Cons

  • Visual Impact Cardio goes deep into the science of fat loss.  For some people this might be a little too much information.  However, if this isn’t your bag then you simply need skim these parts, and concentrate on the serious business of ditching those extra pounds.
  • You are going to have to put in some effort – both in your workouts and your eating habits.  But then no-one honestly thinks that getting to your perfect body shape was really going to be that easy, do they?
  • It is necessary to have access to cardio machines.  So you’re either going to need a personal fitness machine at home, or go to the gym to be able to follow the program.

The Bottom Line

D’you know, we thought this was going to be a mish-mash of various different workout programs – but how wrong we were.  It’s actually a breath of fresh air to find a fitness scheme that not only gives you the information you need, but tells you exactly why it works in the way it does.  And we particularly like the fact that it’s an instant download, so there’s no waiting impatiently for the mailman to eventually reach your doorstep.  We also like the 60 day money back guarantee (for any reason whatsoever), which shows that Rusty has the confidence that Visual Impact Cardio actually does what it’s meant to.

Yep – even though it pains us, we have to admit that if you’ve got the determination to stick to the program, Visual Impact Cardio will certainly get results.  Rusty Moore sure knows what he’s talking about, and you will too, if you purchase this innovative new training program.

>>>Click Here To Get Access To Visual Impact Cardio <<<


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Rusty Moore of Visual Impact Cardio

by admin on January 25, 2012

So Who Is Rusty Moore of Visual Impact Cardio

Anybody looking for muscle building tips must have heard about Rusty Moore. This famous fitness blogger and writer has been working as fitness consultant for 18 years. He has also been working as a personal trainer in gym environments for the last 24 years. And today he stands out to be a professional fitness writer and healthy lifestyle researcher with a variety of amazing courses to train you the secret methods of having a nice and trendy physique. His methods actually work for both men and women as he has particularly designed courses differently based on the needs of the male and female bodies.rusty moore Rusty Moore of Visual Impact Cardio

Rusty Moore believes that, people do not any more want to look someone like a WWF champion. Rather men and women prefer to have the subtle, lean look with a healthy posture and well balanced body shape. When he started his famous fitness blog named Fitness Black Book in the mid of 2007, his primary motto was to train people to get their desired ‘Hollywood Body’- which is not like Arnold, rather like Brad Pitt or Ryan Phillipe.

Rusty’s blog became very popular in a few months’ time as he talked about the overall fat reduction methods, which were much easier and much flexible than the traditional body mass building methods. In fact, the combined knowledge from health experts, physical trainers and just usual people around the world have made this blog a huge success and now the blog is a combined knowledge base enriched with expert tips and solutions for variety of body building problems.

Rusty Moore’s Workout Programs

After the huge success of his blogs, Rusty Moore’s have started to deliver training course books for both men and women. The names of the most popular courses are Visual Impact Muscle Building and Visual Impact for Women. Along with these two premium courses, he has also introduced one free course for all tagged as Abs Blueprint 1.0.  The first book came out in 2010 and the second one in the spring of 2011. The latest one was out in June 2011. His courses are mainly for people who want to look good, strengthen their muscles, get fit and at the same time do not like to add mass to their body.

His books and blogs talk about a balanced lifestyle and a mix and match approach to workouts customized for everyone’s current body shapes and desired body shapes. He also have pages after pages exercise demonstrations in his eBooks so that you get on with the course easily and you will also get printable workout charts to follow during the course time. Many users certify that his books really work as they contain the cumulative knowledge of his past experiences and all the posters and audiences in his blog. His main approach in body building is divided in three phases and each phase basically builds upon the previous ones. In the first phase you are supposed to gain muscles pretty quickly, while the second phase hardens up your muscles and the third phase adds density to your muscles.

However, if anyone really wants to get the maximum out of Rusty Moore’s courses, he or she needs to be committed and dedicated as no one can actually manage his or her body without the appropriate workouts, diet and lifestyles. Rusty believes that even after all his advice and suggested methods, everyone need to make their own rules while working out as not everyone will respond to the same method in the same way.

Rusty’s New Visual Impact Cardio Program

The good news is Rusty is going to introduce a new fitness course eBook focussed on cardio workouts. And this eBook is much more advanced and detailed than the old cardio course called Treadmill Ninja. The name decided for this new course is Visual Impact Cardio and it is expected by the fitness experts and the fans and followers that even this new one will be full of amazing methods and facts to boost up results and motivations of people aiming at the cardio exercise.  Make sure to stay tuned to this blog to see my Visual Impact Cardio review.

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Now this might not completely agree with the Visual Impact Cardio plan that Rusty Moore is putting together but this is some good information on cardio interval training.  I know in his program he suggests utilizing different types of cardio routines.  Wait until you see my review, but until then enjoy this article.

Interval training is a process where an exercises is done at alternating speeds. Most of the exercises involve normal workouts for several minutes followed by an intense3416139096 837c380969 m Hidden Benefits of Cardio Interval Training workout up to the maximum capacity for about two minutes. This pattern can be repeated for the entire workout. Cardio interval training can also refer to switching between strength training exercises and cardio exercises.

Cardio interval training has emerged as one of the most effective workout program that can help you in burning lots of calories, thereby resulting in much faster weight loss. Usually, it is believed that by staying continuously at a moderate intensity level at 40-60 percent of maximum heart rate can burn maximum fat calories resulting in rapid weight loss. However, extensive research in this field has proved that interval training is lot more effective in burning excess fat not only during the exercise session, but even several hours afterwards. This enables you to spend less time exercising, and yet reap all the benefits of this training!

High-Intensity Exercise Burns More Fat

With short bursts of high intensity workouts, your body can burn more body fat as fuel. A study in 2008 was published in Journal of Applied Physiology, where 8 women in their twenties did eight sets of three minutes workouts followed by four minutes of rest. After this workout, it was found that women burned 38% more fat during 40 minutes of continuous cycling. This amply shows that even after you are done with your exercises sessions, your body still continues to burn calories.
Exercises that are best for you

Some of the best exercises when you are attempting cardio interval training are:

Walking-This is the most versatile and easiest way to exercise and its free as you don’t need any special equipment aside from a comfortable sneakers. It is best to walk for roughly 20 minutes when you have just started. Once you are comfortable walking 20 minutes at brisk pace, you should add more intense burst every three minutes. Just walk fast and then jog for 40 seconds, and then again slow back down. Once you are comfortable with this duration, you can add weights to your ankles, wrists, or even both. You can continue to increase the duration until you reach 60 minutes.

Jogging- Jogging is quite similar to walking as movement are almost same. However, one should wear proper running shoes before getting started. It’s best to break into a full sprint during faster intervals.

Other useful exercises that you can include are cycling, running, jumping rope, aerobics or dancing.

Benefits of Cardio Interval Training First Thing in Morning

Cardio interval training first thing in morning helps your body in mobilizing excess body fat that is already stored in the body. Aside from that, it also enhances your body’s metabolism rate throughout the day. Actually, when you do cardio in the morning, your metabolism rate remains elevated long after your workouts. On the other hand, all those who do not do cardio interval training in the morning may not be able to reap the full benefits of enhanced metabolic rate as it goes down again once they go to bed.

Make sure to come back to get my Visual Impact Cardio review.

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Visual Impact Cardio Is Coming…

January 10, 2012

I just heard from Rusty Moore that he is currently working on his most through program ever, Visual Impact Cardio.  The program is going to go in depth of how to utilize your cardio program to help you achieve the “Hollywood Look” – Lean and sexy… Typically you hear trainers and fat loss experts recommending [...]

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